Huan Zhang

Huan Zhang

Hi, I'm Huan! I am a confident and passionate person who believes life is a journey of exploration. Along the journey, exploring my potential, stepping out of my comfort zone to take challenges, and bringing positive influence to people are what I enjoy.

I enjoy the happiness generated from overcoming challenges. In June, 2012, I gave up my graduate fellowship in total pursuit of my dream of becoming a journalist. I had to acquire the know-how of finance reporting from scratch during our two-month internship while competing with thousands of applicants; I had to break the wall of the exclusive circle formed by my colleagues, who are much richer than me both in experience and age, yet earn their collaboration. Those are the challenges I faced. I red finance reporting books even while riding in overcrowded buses, I burnt midnight oil to practice my reporting skills, and I seized every interview opportunity with my colleagues to learn from their experiences and took up any tasks that for whatever reason they were reluctant to do, including exhausting reporting trips to flood-struck areas. Three breathless months later, I became the only trainee to be offered a permanent position. Subsequently, I took the challenge of starting Ziyun Village LLC and then pursuing MBA education in the United Stats.

I enjoy volunteer activities, a self-exploration process which helps me to see where my capability and responsibility lie. Since 2009, I launched “Teaching for Left-behind Program” and taught math and history in left-behind children schools each summer, with the hope of giving these children not only knowledge but also confidence. In 2015, I gained the opportunity to work as a volunteer in the community medical center in Indiana.

I enjoy the feeling of being focused on my hobbies. Specifically, I love painting, photography, running, skating and cooking. I am one hundred percent focused when I do these things. I am so relaxed and exciting when my friends and I chase each other on the rink. In my spare time, I would cook Chinese dishes and ask my friends to taste. Now I am learning to make French food.

  • Work
    • Cofounder of Ziyun Village LLC
  • Education
    • Wuhan University