Huang Lin

Hello, My name is Huang Lin. My English name is Alvin. I come from HangZHou, China. This year is my first year in North Broward preparatory school.
I really enjoy the study life here. It is more interesting and relax to study here than China. Chinese high schools are very strict and the teachers controls all the time during school and you have to study after school, or you could not understand on next day’s classes.
I am an outgoing boy. My favorite thing is traveling. I had been to most famous cities in China and I had been to Australia for half a month. I think traveling is the best way to relax yourself. I like sports. I really like to play basketball, that is my favorite sport. I used to play BMX and fixed gear when I was in China. Sometimes, I also hurt myself, but it is really fun to play BMX. When you success in one action, you will get a sense of achievement.

"Genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.“
-Albert Einstein