Justin Huang

Shanghai, China

Hellow! Everyone .Today I will introduce myself to you. My name is Justin . I'm 16years old and I'm study in Grade 10 in ShangDe experimental school. I live in Shanghai . It's a very fantastic city.

When I am young boy . I like playing with my friends. So I have a good childhood. And I want to be a bussiness man of selling food like my father. When I am young I ad mire my father very much.

Todays, I 'm growing up and I ill go abroading soon. Ishould study hard to get good score. This is my goal.So I study all subject very hard,but sometimes I'm lazy. Ishould chang my bad habit and I should continue to hard working.

I think my future will be very bright. I want to study in a good univercity and get very good marks. After graduate I will get a job of businessman. So I should hard working.

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