Huan Nguyen

Student in Boulder, Colorado

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My name is Huan Nguyen. Huan as in Han Solo or Han Dynasty, Nguyen as in 'win' the game.

All my interests are varied and wide, which is codespeak for "I'm actually a nine-of-all-trades." (Because I'm not yet skilled enough to be a jack, and nine is my favorite number squared!)

I like to ski with a cup of tea in one hand and my Kindle in the other... That's a total fib. But I do like to drink good tea, ski, and read books on all sorts of topics (fiction of many kinds, as well as nonfiction about productivity and social psychology).

I've worked a brief stint at different things, as the opportunities presented themselves. A student web development team brought me onboard for a summer, and I worked there until the team was restructured. At this point, I found a job at the local senior home as a server, cleaning and serving food.

That experience gave me a more gracious, mature perspective on the world around me, and on dealing with people, until I left to apply for an intern position at a local radio tech company, Fidelity Comtech.

I interned there for a summer, and left to enroll in the University of Colorado at Boulder's electrical and computer engineering program, where I am now!