Huasong Shan

Software Engineer, Web Developer, and Project Manager in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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1 Industrial Experience: more than 10 years’ experience at internet, IT and telecommunication industry, good command of various technologies which cover performance and security of large-scale web applications, cloud computing, data mining, database and telecommunication.
2 Academic Experience: strong publication records in computer science conference, e.g, CCS(top tier security conference).

My focus work and interesting research area:
(1) Performance and Security (Cloud, Distributed Systems), DDoS attack and detection
(2) Software Develop Life Cycle, Agile Develop, Build and Test automatically (Jenkins/Hudson/Bitten/Bugzilla)
(3) Infrastructure software: memory/timer/task/IPC
(4) Data mining, Data model
(5) Telecommunication Protocol: 3GPP, TCP/IP


(1)Huasong Shan, Qingyang Wang, Calton.pu, “Tail Attacks on Web Applications,” To appear in ACM CCS '17 (top tier security conference). (Acceptance rate: 151/836=17.9%)

(2) Huasong Shan, Qingyang Wang, and Qiben Yan, “Very Short Intermittent DDoS Attacks in an Unsaturated System,” To appear in SECURECOMM '17. (Acceptance rate: 31/105=29.5%)

I’m a researcher living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. You can contact (email) me with a click on the button below.

  • Work
    • Louisiana State University
  • Education
    • Louisiana State University
    • Huazhong University of Science and Technology