hua zhang

Nine to five places busy every day, so you always envy those rich. Many occasions, if you ask people directly for the concept of money, I heard most of the allegations are seemingly contented's answers: "money, Having enough." But if another way is to ask: "What you desire ? "but the answer to a lot of people do not have to work, will be able to travel around the world," or "in the lottery, early to enjoy your life" and the like, which is quite paradoxical, so to say, how much money ...... in the end will be "enough "mean?

You have today to tell you the truth written in the heart: the real wealth, based on the following formula: carrying amount of money x the soul exchange rate = real wealth

"Spiritual exchange" it is not a science of numbers, it shows that a concept is not the same: the same sum of money, to different people, able to create out of "worth". And decided the money to show a sense of how much the value of the key, is the individual's "state of mind". Your "state of mind" to the value of your wealth becomes larger or shrink smaller phenomenon called "spiritual exchange.

For example, many so-called successful people in the community, they are very good on the outside image of one of full concept, ease look inside the company every day is rage Paizhuo subordinates moody all the time because of the performance figures. They are not necessarily consumed by greed, but rather, as operators, pressure from various quarters are very large, in fact, their quality of life, not as other people in the whole company. Maybe you'll see some of them like to collect watches, some like to buy a sports car, a credit card down is the year you earn less than the money. But the depth and length of these consumer to bring happiness to them, may actually be less than a small staff without incident after work, out of danger, sitting in a small coffee shop, and eat a 5 dollar ice cream feel happiness.

Now, we have to calculate their "soul exchange". If first your "soul exchange" is set to 1, assuming you buy a 500 dollar jeans can get happy, they have to buy brand-name of a 10 million dollar package to get. Well, their "spiritual exchange rate relative to you, is 500 ÷ 100000 = 0.005.

In other words, you usually spend 500 dollars multiplied by your soul exchange rate of 500 points, you can get pleasure, but for a soul exchange only 0.005 executives want the same 500 points pleasure how much money he had to spend it? The