Emily Huber

Emily Huber

My top 5 StrengthsQuest Strengths are: Achiever, Discipline, Learner, Deliberative and Restorative. My number 1 strengths is Achiever. This explains my drive and hard work ethic. My day does not feel complete without an accomplishment. Once I achieve a goal I set for the day, I feel satisfied and set another goal to reach. I have been competitively swimming for the past 4 years. This strengths explains the determination and hard work I put into this sport. I work hard in the pool to drop time at meets and to better my swimming technique. I have always worked hard in sports and school. When I finish a homework assignment or pass a test, it fuels my drive to keep moving and pushing through school even when I am stressed. The “Achiever” in me thrives off of success and accomplishments.

My favorite OSU tradition has been singing Carmen Ohio after every football game. This tradition is a fundamental part of the Buckeye football tradition. Before becoming a student at Ohio State, I did not realize how much emotion and tradition this song held. Every time my friends and I, and sometimes complete strangers, put our arms behind each other and begin to sway, it makes me feel like I truly belong at Ohio State and this is my second home. That is why this tradition is important to me. Carmen Ohio brings everyone together; underclassmen with upperclassmen, football players and the band, students and faculty. The unity it brings when sung, or even when hearing the tune alone, creates an inclusive environment and brings chills to think that Ohio State will always been one of my homes.

I have learned a few things first semester here at Ohio State that may help future Buckeyes:

1. You actually had to study for chemistry and read the book.

2. Living with a stranger is hard so practice your communication skills and get ready to share a room.

3. Procrastination is a thing of the past. Always try to stay ahead in your schoolwork.

4. College is nothing like high school. You have to push yourself or no one else will.

5. A written, daily schedule of homework you need to complete, class times and other activities for the day is very helpful!