Hubert Jędrzejek

I am passionate about new web development technologies. Although in my current job I mainly use popular JavaScript frameworks like jQuery and ExtJS, I still test and add (if allowed) new frameworks like NodeJS or LESS. My need to learn new technology encourages me to search new solutions for common problems every day. I try to stay on top of the new technology so that when the time comes I can use it to solve problems that arise on new projects. Whenever it's possible I try to lead projects with agile methodology in mind. I have installed and modified to our need tools such as Subversion (SVN) for easier collaboration with other developers. The need to meet with our clients face-to-face was solved by implementation of the bigbluebutton online meeting system and presentation tool. I also managed to significantly decrease time spent on tracking and planning our projects while increasing customers satisfaction level by implementing thebuggenie open source bug tracking system.