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Consultant, Volunteer, and Teacher in Bangkok, Thailand

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HubLearn is a co-learning startup exclusively recognized and officially labelled as a Social Enterprise by the Danish Government. HubLearn is currently operating in Asia (Thailand) to build a closer relation between Europe and Asia.
We aim to build a sustainable, inspirational, innovative and affordable platform for individuals and businesses around the world with less resources. We seek to create opportunities by knowledge-sharing, learning, job creation and earning. We want to serve as your one-stop crowd-sourced learning platform which has access to all categories (Tech, Business, Schools, Lifestyle, Pets and more).

As of the moment, our areas of expertise will begin by focusing on AR/VR/360, E-Commerce (Local-to-Global campaign), Tech Teaching CSR Projects and Startup journey in Thailand.

We believe that investing in continuous learning is the key to success in today’s fast-paced digital world. At Hublearn, we want everyone to EXPLORE, LEARN and GROW together so as to enjoy the value of the learning experience.