Boyu Hu

venture Capitalist in Beijing, China

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Boyu is an entrepreneur and product geek. He co-founded China’s largest lending software company, Amarsoft (SHE:300380), where he led the development of core product lines and helped the company achieve dominance in a highly competitive market before it eventually went public.

After being an entrepreneur for 10 years, he became a venture capitalist. Since 2011, he made 10 investments including Meicai, Youxinpai, Kuaishou, 51talk (NYSE: COE), and Wandoujia (acquired by Alibaba). The aggregate valuation of these portfolio companies grew 22 times to over $6 billion in an average of 3 years.

Here's what entrepreneurs say about him:

Jiajia Huang (51talk): Boyu has been instrumental to 51talk. As an entrepreneur-turned-investor, he has great empathy and can easily put himself into entrepreneurs’ shoes. He can offer strategic advice on product and pacing. He is an ideal choice of investor for early-stage entrepreneurs who want a great advisor and friend!

Chuanjun Liu ( Boyu is one of the best investors I have met. Extremely smart and deep thinking. His help has been huge to Meicai. To me, he is more like a co-founder - we sometimes worked together into mid-night. He is the best partner a startup can have.

Junyu Wang (Wandoujia): While Wandoujia was still a tiny team working in an apartment in 2011, Boyu saw our potential and pushed his firm to lead our Series A round, and, in the following years, spent lots of time assisting us with all sorts of growing pains with great patience and care.

Daikun (Youxinpai): Boyu is a very smart, sensitive investor with unique vision. In the years that we worked together on Youxinpai, he and I have built great partnership and friendship. To me, discussing business with him is always a cheerful and rewarding experience!

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