Artist, Spaghettist, and Competitive Egg Dealer in Maryland

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i use he/him pronouns most of the time but whatever is fine, i dont really care

●im not accepting your request on @retiredfurry because it is a very personal account.

● @noodlemurder is my less spammy, more casual acct where most people are accepted unless i deem you sketchy


● @teeataro is my art acct, so thats where that kinda shit is

● @momsagainstmola is a fake account created soley for the purpose of an inside joke. follow it if you want, but its basically dead.

my kins(?? idk is that what the kids say? characters i like to be tagged as...):

- funshine bear (care bears)

-khonjin (im a cringy fuck shut up) (khonjin house)

-pyukumuku (pokemon)

-literally any painting of the greek icarus

-sapphire (lol thats my birthstone) (steven universe)

i dont really know what my sexuality is, idk.... i dont care enough to find a label lol

im a trans boy (maybe, i dont know, who knows, no one knows) i guess, so thats cool

jews" around me, you're probably blok't cause i dont have time for stuff li

have a good day





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