Huda Hussain


I'm a student doing my BSc in chemical engineering. I was attracted to engineering, since it requires working concurrently in groups and exchanging knowledge with. Basically, I'm so into taking part in activities which break up the bloody academics and enhancing my communication skills. Therefore, I am attracted to attend conferences and being engaged into engineering professional societies such as SPE at Qatar and AIChE which keep its members in touch with the most recent news of the global and local engineering updates. In my opinion, being a part of engineering professional societies is one of the most efficient ways for engineering students to gain knowledge, interact with different people and having fun. For the mean time, I am one of the committee members of AIChE and SPE student chapter at QU.

I am a person who is science curious, that’s why I always look for participating in projects and research. I am intending that by the end of my BS scholastic to be technically professional and I was lucky to be selected in many experimental research projects. I last take part in a vise president reach which was under the topic of (Carbon dioxide sequestration based on nitrogen functionalized mesoporous capsulest). This was my chance to learn how to use TGA machine, how to do IR and XRD tests for different materials. Also, recently I got a chance to get with UREP (undergraduate reach experience project) in a projectone addresses nano technology in sea water desalination (Carbon Nano Tubes Embedded Thin Film Nanocomposites For Seawater Desalination).
Besides that, I also looking for having fun with new people even though I'm not really good on making friends yet I love to be nice with everyone.

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    • UREP project
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    • Qatar university