huda tabasi

Web Developer, Android developer, and Teacher in قطاع غزّة,

Android developer with a good working experience, currently living in Palestine, studied Computer Science and worked as Teaching Assistant at Islamic University. I worked as a Android application developer at Seeds company.

Highly interested in technology, acting, reading and painting.

I skillfully use the android studio java and XML to program android applications, while keeping up with all framework related to (Xamarin, Phone Gap, native Script).

I use the following:

-Social Media integration (Facebook, YouTube, Google).

-Firebase (RealTime, DataBase, Notification,Authentication).

-Payment (Payfort gateway).

-Sqlite , Nosql and Realm database.

-Audio & Video Streaming.

-UI components.

-Json(Volley ,Retrofit library)

-Java ,kotlin programming language.

I worked with:

- Android Studio.

- Jira, Trello, Asana, Slack.

- Git, (Github, Bitbucket).

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  • Education
    • Islamic University of Gaza