HIH Hudhaifah Goga

Royalty King in Royal house of Baitul Maqdis

HIH Hudhaifah Goga

Royalty King in Royal house of Baitul Maqdis

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The bay'a of the leaders from Imaam Abdulrahman ASudais


Enter the religion believe that there is only one god and in all of gods prophets scriptures angels heaven hell the unseen e.t.c as a believer

From the legacy of David peace be apon him a wise King and Caliph of God

Follow the exemplary life of the beloved prophet Muhammed and his companions and Abraham

HIH saw our beloved prophet in his dreams laying down in the house of the prophet and the voice said "Our Nabi" and than his blessed smile and the light of caliphate from the hand of the caliph to his heart in a dream and saw himself as a King and chooses to be the slave of God

In dreams our beloved prophet Muhamme said i wisper to you هذا اهلي (this is my family) I Iove you and something about the blessed hair of the prophet Muhammed and has seen the holy sites Harams Kabba Masjidun Nabawi dome of the Rock Al Aqsa ie the kingdom of Solomon many times showing the different conditions of the state of the rulership

HIH holds the keys of Al Aqsa ie the kingdom of Solomon

Advise : Take each of the qualities and actions of our beloved prophet Muhammed Salallahu alaihi wasallam and do it over again and be in the company of similar people untill its a habit than add to your day and live accordingly because the love of Allah is in doing the Sunnah with steadfastness even though its alittle and you will be safe from fear regret terorrism and enter high stages of paradise. e.g the 5 daily prayers which is compulsory

Sit in the Ashabus Suffah tabligh of Masjidun Nabawi teach the religion and call others to frequent the Masajid like the Sahabah

Attend Hajj in Mecca. learn practical worship generosity and drink holy water.

Memorise the revelation of the Hadeeth (Koran) if it takes a lifetime (learn from the craddle till the grave)

The religion is "Advise" as stated in the hadeeth

So we Advises

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The law preserved by hadeeth implementated by governments and monarchs

Propogate reprimand the hadeeth to everyone its basic humanity enforced by the law so help our people and the law to keep us good human beings

"Give Hadeeth books propogate teach or booty"

"Do Nikah before marriage"


Silsilah of Hazrat Muhammed Asfandiyar Khan DB below: