Hudson Family Update

So excited to give family, friends, supporters and others who may come across our path an update on what the Hudson’s have been up to. We have been so blessed to feel the effects of prayers, support and love these passed four months in northern Virginia. We have been very busy with homeschool, finalizing Victoria’s adoption, getting acclimated to our new home and pushing forward with moving to DC. In these last four months a core team for the DC plant has been forming. We currently have eight team members, including us, preparing to move in to the District in August! If we include our children, we know at least 15 people will be in attendance for our first meeting of corporate worship! We are honored and amazed at everyone’s passion, to spread the gossip and further the kingdom in DC.
God’s faithfulness has been ever present in our lives in area of a meeting place for Pillar DC, homes for our team to live in and support for the task at hand. People all over are excited about the gospel being thrusted into the city of DC and they are joining us. There have been several mission groups already to come to the city and share about our plant. We are all looking forward to the day when we will be in the city, sitting among the people of DC share the good new of Jesus Christ our Savior.
Please pray that we continue to seek wisdom from the Lord about what steps to take next. Pray that we grow as disciples. Pray that the hearts of the people in DC are being churned to hear and receive Jesus as Savior and Lord.