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HueHearing is a California-based hearing aid manufacturer that wants to make overpriced hearing aids a thing of the past. The company recognizes that there are customers experiencing hearing loss or tinnitus who cannot afford the common hearing devices that usually cost around $4,000. HueHearing knows that customers on a budget may be the ones with the most pressing need for hearing aids. That is why it manufactures and distributes Hue Hearing aid products and accessories for a fraction of the usual cost.

HueHearing is able to maintain these ultra-low prices because of the changes it has made to its manufacturing and supply chain. Instead of paying excessive prices for services such as a retail location’s overhead fees or an audiologist’s services, the company focuses on bringing their Hue Hearing aid products directly to the consumers who need them the most. Through this process of cutting out the middleman, HueHearing is able to offer all of its products for less than $200. HueHearing believes that everyone deserves to hear the sound of beautiful music, the voices of their loved ones, and the calming ambiance of nature. For this reason, it has added the latest in digital technology to its Hue Hearing aid products. Through these products, customers will be able to experience the benefits of tinnitus masking, background noise reduction, and sound quality boosting.