Kasey Huebner

Kasey Huebner

Greetings, my name is Kasey Huebner, and I am one of the 5th grade teachers at Spirit Lake. My family consists of my wife, Terri, who works at Central bank and my son, Kedrick who just turned one year old this summer. He definitely keeps us on our toes!

This will be my fifth year teaching at Spirit Lake, and sixth year teaching overall. My previous teaching experiences involve teaching special education in the Sioux Central district, and fourth grade in Spirit Lake. This will be my second year teaching fifth grade science in the Spirit Lake district.

Expectations for myself:

I strive to make my classroom student centered, where I facilitate learning, not direct it. I am very passionate in finding new ways to engage students, and I strive to challenge the students to invent their own way of thinking about how the world works. This is definitely one of the hardest tasks in teaching fifth grade!

Technology is a big part of my classroom. While using technology, I've seen how it has positively impacted the engagement of the students. We now have information available at our fingertips with all the different devices we carry around everyday. I want the student to be able to utilize these devices efficiently to enhance the learning in the classroom. The end goal is to show the students how to become life long learners while modeling how to solve problems we face on a daily basis. Students should understand that technology is only a resource, not the learning outcome.

Lastly, I am part of a great team, and as a fifth grade team, we will strive to make the best possible decisions for each and every student. The links below will take you to my blog and the Spirit Lake homepage! Please let me know if you have any questions!