~ Center of The universe

trying to make sense out of thoughts that seem so senseless #illhueminati

its funny, petty words thrown onto the screen of your computer are supposed to describe who I am, what i stand for, and give you a biased opinion on whether I am the type of person you could even begin to comprehend or even make simple talk to. In a world where people hide behind their fake bodies and painted on faces, who's to say those words that you had no intention of grasping in the first place are even fact about me or my life? I could be just like you. I could sit back and watch the world fall into pieces like the civilizations of past, yet fall asleep at night worrying about next months fashion. Or maybe I'm not like the clones and androids of the present day. Maybe im not afraid to tell the truth or fall in love. Maybe I dont cower behind a television but actually try to make this world a world worth living in.

...or maybe i am just a hypocrite. ;)