Huepil Che

Berlin, Germany

The project was born when Dam Sardo (guitar, vocals) and Mateo Hochfärber (bass, vocals) met in the legendary art-house Tacheles in Berlin in 2011. They started by putting together a repertoire of latin-jazz and contemporary latin standards, which they worked with on the streets and bars in Berlin as a duo or sometimes also as a trio. Their dreams were fulfilled as they were invited to play at one of the best stages at the MyFest in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Only after a few rehearsals with their new drummer Erickson Gonzalez they took to the stage to their debut concert as a band.

During the summer in 2012 two more members joined the band, Peter Schwarzt on the trumpet and Sofian Atta on the tenor sax and transverse flute. Together they played the whole summer and recorded a demo-cd, which was presented in november at Badehaus in Berlin.

Beginning 2013, Hiula Rodriguez on percussion and Daniel Duspiwa on alt sax joined the band and with them Huepil Che started to play in many of the well known locations and festivals in Berlin, such as MyFest, Karneval der Kulturen, Uckermark-Jazzfest, Fete de la musique at Circus Schatzinsel, and also in Dresden and Sweden.

In august 2014 Huepil Che recorded its first studio album and were invited to present it at the Embassy of Venezuela in Berlin.

In each of their songs they managed to create a unique groove by interpreting traditional latin rhythms but with their particular fusion mood. The lyrics tell about the existence of diversity, in the music, in the experiences, in the cultures, between modern and traditional, between Europe and Latin America. They lead us into the colorful stories of the traveller, los colores del viajero.


Dam Sardo (guitar, vocals)

Mateo Hochfärber (bass, vocals)

Erickson Gonzalez (drumms, vocals)

Peter Schwarzt (trumpet)

Hiula Rodriguez (percussion)

Sofian Atta (tenor sax, transverse flute)

Daniel Duspiwa (alt sax)