Thesing Landscape

7668 Wesselman Rd.

Cleves, OH 45002, United States



you’re looking to upgrade your landscaping or just need regular maintenance, Thesing Landscaping & Nursery, Inc.can help get the job done. Serving the Greater Cincinnati area for over 25 years, they have provided custom designed

landscapes as well as simple lawn maintenance services in the community. Owner

Thomas Thesing has a degree in horticulture and certifications—one in custom

landscaping installation and another in pesticide application—and he uses this

knowledge to create solutions based on the individual needs of his customers.Thesing

Landscaping & Nursery not only provides general lawn maintenance and

landscape design, but they also specialize in creating retaining walls, and installing paving stones and landscape lighting systems. If you want a

retaining wall, it will be engineered to properly hold back the soil as well as be

designed to enhance your outdoor space to its fullest potential.These skilled landscapers will install paving stones in patterns that are eye-catching and can create accent walls, steps, and walkways out of stone to

accentuate the beauty of your home’s exterior. They will also install low voltage

landscape lighting systems that will complement your home as well as provide

some safety.If

your lawn looks like it needs some care, Thesing Landscaping & Nursery will

help. They will evaluate your lawn and determine the best course of action.

They provide seedling and sodding, core aerating, and top dressing to help your

lawn turn into an appealing area outside of your home.Whether

you want routine lawn care or a custom designed back yard, Thesing Landscaping & Nursery will meet your needs. Contact

them at (513)

353-2777 for a free consultation or visit

their website to find out more

about their landscaping services.