totty ★

Student, Designer, and Artist in Iowa

totty ★

Student, Designer, and Artist in Iowa

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hey there!!! im fenii and im a boy

- im 16!! my bday is june 26

- im Vietnamese,,

- u can call me anything but my birth name ( like u can call me my kintype name! )


- im panromantic and my partner is bigender!

- im trans


- todomatsu (not kin, full ID)

- foxkin

- dragonkin

- cariboukin (south pole)

- Asriel (undertale)

- Flareon

- pikachu


- art ( i draw traditionally )

- furries

- Osomatsu san!

- south park

- cats

- steven universe

- undertale


- i have anxiety

- im rly defensive sometimes!

- im sad a lot sorry

- pretty lonely lmao

other then that all i do is sit on my phone and blog on tumblr! feel free to hmu im pretty cool with u if u are with me! i will gladly give out my skype if asked to