Hugh Curran


I'm an experienced marketer that has transitioned from traditonal to digital channels to work on campaigns that work across all channels.

i currently work as the Head of Digital in the creative agency Atomic and I'm based in Dublin. I've been lucky enough to work on iconic brands like Guinness, Carlsberg, Renault and Audi and I want to use my experience and knowledge to help brands understand that interrupting your experiences isn't going to win them fans.

I'm a bit of a geek and I do like to have the latest gadgets. Even if I don't have it, I'll probably have an opinion on it. I'm a social media phreak.

Photography is my hobby but I'm not a camera snob. I'm more about the image that comes out. Give me a good book and I'll be happy too, but playing and watching rugby probably gives me the most pleasure.

if we have something in common or you think I can help you professionally etc, connect with me.

thanks for reading.


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