Hugh Bowen

Architect in Memphis, Tennessee

Hugh Bowen

Architect in Memphis, Tennessee

I am an architect currently living in Memphis, Tennessee. My interests range from homesteading to knitting. I am also interested in volunteering, sewing, and sailing.

-H.A Bowen

Hugh A. Bowen

7818 Crescent Ridge Cv. APT 307 Memphis, TN


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Greetings, I’m Hugh. I’m an architect living in Memphis, Tennessee. I am a fan of homesteading, knitting, and volunteering. I’m also interested in sewing and sailing.


Problem list

Results management

Order management

Decision support

Electronic communication and connectivity

Consumer support

Administrative support

Reporting and data population health

Entering financial advisory appointments


Cottonwood High School, Salt Lake City, Utah


Germantown High School, Germantown, Tennessee


Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL


East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, Tennessee (Psychology B.S)


University of Alaska-Fairbanks, Fairbanks, Alaska (Mechanical Engineering B.S, minor Arctic Skills)



· B.A in Psychology

· Psychology Graduate

· Algorithmic Trading

· Number Theory

· Mathematical Logic

· Vector analysis

· Geometric Psychology

· Certified Behavioral Healthcare Specialist

· Behavioral Causality Specialist


· 3000 RPM OV Motor used in salon equipment design

· 1550 RM Direct Drive blower motor used in electric heater design

· 48 Frame Permanent Split Capacitor, Open Over Air used in furnace blower design

· Overloaded motor research using ampere meter design R&D

· AC/DC Pocket Multi-meter design

About me

Algorithmic Trading:Arbitrage,Mean reversion,Delta-neutral,Trend following

· Studies Heuristic search pattern applications(e.g: Genetic algorithms)

· Psychological Behavioral Causation

· Psycho-Geomtrey

· Fraud Banking journals

· Bank Fraud reconciliations

· Reg E & REG Z Compliance

Bank of America

· The increasing use of technology in finance

· Practical management

· Creating financial claims

· Transmitting financial claims

· Receiving payments

· Processing payments

· Finance information

· Finance data elements

· Financial fraud results management

· Card order management

· Financial claims decision support

· Electronic communication and connectivity

· Bank account support

· Financial Administrative processes

· Financial fraud reporting population health

· Preregistered bank of America account holders

· Established financial responsibility

· Check in bank of America account holder

· Review