Hugh DeMann

Hello there guys and (especially) girls!

I’m Hugh DeMann and I am part time student at Forkham Hall School and part time Rock God!

If I’m not putting gel in my hair or waxing lyrical with one of the Flirtette’s then you can find me plucking my electric guitar in the school band.

When I first started playing the guitar I used to pluck the strings with a coin (because I am quite frankly pretty cool) but people used to shout ‘Pick’ at me (at least I thought it was ‘Pick’…) so I now use a plectrum instead...

I can often be found practicing my French skills with some of the lovely ladies of Forkham Hall School and I have outstanding grades in this area. I’m so smooth that I make a baby’s bottom look like Harry Crotch's face!

I share a dorm room with Harry Crotch and Dwayne Pype. I’ve promised Dwayne that I will help him with his lady skills (no mean feat I tell you, he’s as geeky as I’m cool).

I’ve recently been made head boy (quite frankly no-one else wanted to do it) and I am looking forward to the new term ahead. Peace out.