Hugh Ehrenzweig

Leveraging 20 years of diverse law enforcement experience, Hugh Ehrenzweig presently maintains Hugh B. Ehrenzweig Esq., a private legal firm founded in 1998 and based in White Plains, New York. Counseling clients on matters of real estate and family law, the office also focuses on corporate law and, due in part to Hugh Ehrenzweig's extensive experience in the New York City Police Department, represents New York police officers in a variety of legal situations.

Engaging emphases in criminal justice, political science, and psychology, Hugh Ehrenzweig obtained a Bachelor of Arts from Iowa State University. He also completed a Juris Doctor through New York Law School, from which he graduated cum laude in 1997. He proceeded to secure a score on a portion of the bar examination which was in the top 2 percent nationwide. Aside from his career as an attorney, Hugh Ehrenzweig has many years of experience as a police officer. Employed in the New York City Police Department (NYPD) between 1986 and 2006, he served in a number of escalating roles. Beginning as an officer in the NYPD's 46th Precinct, he advanced to the rank of Detective in 1993. He then assumed the role of Sergeant in 1998, subsequently transitioning to Lieutenant in 2001, a position he held until his retirement from the NYPD.

In addition to his professional responsibilities, Hugh Ehrenzweig pursues an array of recreational interests. A student of Jewish history, culture, and writing, he has spoken at the Shrine Club and his local synagogue regarding issues surrounding the Middle East. He also pursues a variety of physical activities that include karate and other martial arts. A charitable individual, Hugh Ehrenzweig dedicates a portion of his time to pro bono work through his legal practice.