8th Note Photography

My name is Bradley Hughes. I'm a 25 years old. I'm a recent graduate of Virginia State University. I'm originally from Elmont, New York (Nassau County) and now reside in Chesterfield VA. I picked up photography about 3 years ago. I was attending a wedding in the Dominican Republic. The camera I had was a Fuji Film SL (a point and shoot camera shaped as a DSLR). I took some pretty nice pictures there and when I got back to the States, I posted the pictures on Social Media. When I had posted them, I received a lot of positive feedback from my friends. I then realized I had an eye for Photography but, at the time, wasn't good enough to really start a business or advertise my photos, so I kind of forgot about Photography.A couple of months went by and I was laid off from my banking job. It was a real depressing moment in my life. I remember sitting on the couch at home looking for jobs and praying that God would open a door. Photography wasn't even on my mind at the time. One day, I was at my best friend’s house when he showed me this video of this guy on YouTube. He was pretty popular (and presently still is) and really funny. I remember thinking "Maybe that's what I’ll do, I'll make YouTube videos and make money that way." Well, that didn't work out. I still had my Fuji Film SL, which was collecting dust because I never used it. Also, my video editing skills weren't that great.So, one day I was on my Mac Book and was bored so I downloaded a Paint program. I wanted to make a logo, reason being, all YouTube stars I watched had their logos/brands on everything, and I wanted that. So the name "Hughes-Boi" came into being. I posted the symbol on Facebook but not one person commented or liked the photo so I left it alone for a while. My dad saw the symbol and said "One day that'll be a trademark name, I would copyright it if I were you." Unfortunately the name didn't do to well business wise. I remember making a list of different, yet creative, photography names and I came up with 8th Note Photography, due to my musical side. So, I did receive a job eventually and, once I had a good amount of money I bought my first DSLR camera. It's a Canon Rebel T3i. I love this camera! I have taken many pictures with it, including the one you see on my About.me page. I have already done a number of photo shoots and my name is starting to get around. I am excited about the potential of my talents! Thanks for visiting my page. Check out my links to see my work.