Joe Hughes

My name is Joe Hughes. I am a Sports Lover, Avid Golfer, Businessman, Husband and Father.I also run a Skating Rink: Dreamland Skating Arena.

My Passions in life are:

Driving, Football,Skating,Poker,Music andFast Paced Action Movies.

The last movie I loved was Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Things on my Bucket List:

1. Go on the world's top ten train rides

2. Learn astrology

3. Own a Convertible.

4. Do something extra special for my entire family.

5. Go bird watching in Costa Rica

6. Go skinny dipping at midnight in Rio.

7. Dive in a submarine

8. Meet Kate Winslet

9. Learn Karate

10. Visit Paris

My Motto in life is: "Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments."