Alyssa Hughlett

Blue Lake , CA

I am a paradox. I am.

An artist of the theatre: actor/creator; I use my body, breath, voice, heart, and imagination in the service of creating theatre that attests, arrests, provokes, confronts, softens, is full of heart; theatre of place. My job is to be present.

I have the soul of a pioneer. I gravitate towards the unknown. I love to learn.

The principles I cultivate and seek to embody in the everyday: generosity, open-heartedness, empathy, and freedom (svatantra).

My causes: compassion, biodiversity, community building, celebration of our diversity, LOVE, women, preserving-conserving-being in harmony with the natural world, and awakening.

I was born in Dallas, Texas, and am the oldest of three beautiful sisters. We grew up in the surrounding area of Dallas, and I spent most of my childhood and adolescence as a competitive gymnast. In high school I was an active part of the speech, debate, and theatre organization. My experience in theatre and oratory deepened with the by the guidance of a very special teacher. I attended Texas State University from 2001-2005, where I auditioned and went through their BFA Acting program, as well as studied modern and contemporary dance. After graduating college, I applied to Shakespeare & Company in Lenox, MA for a job in the fall festival of shakespeare of 2006. I spent three and half years working as an independent contractor there, as well as had many adventures outside of those contracts on various jobs.

In 2009, I moved to Philadelphia for three years: I became certified to teach yoga, did a few shows, served in a restaurant, and taught yoga. These 3 years were mostly full of intense questioning and inquiry; while I questioned I gardened, cultivated, and formed very close friendships with my yoga community. Through all this, I rediscovered my passion for theatre and story telling.

In 2012, I moved to Blue Lake, CA to get my MFA (masters of fine arts) at Dell'Arte International School of physical and ensemble based theatre. Now I am in my third and final year of training.

  • Education
    • Texas State University
    • Dell'Arte International School of Physical and Ensemble Based Theatre