Hugh Cann


I have grown up amongst the entertainment industry, if it can be really called an industry and worked for my mother June Cann in her agency for some 8 years late 70s to mid 80s. I finally got jack of it all disappointing my dear mother's dreams, I am sorry to say, of me eventually taking the reins; but in any case succeeded by my brother John. I then went to Japan (Hiroshima) where I lived 15 odd years (reference the albums for some glimpse of my discovered raison d'etre) returning with my family in tow 2000. 2012 was spent doing a Multi Platform Screen Producer scholarship course under the eminent Gary Hayes and developing a number of multi platform programs. I worked at Sydney Opera House as a Guest Relations Ambassador and a Japanese language tour guide until my passion for Japan brought me back and now lead tours through the Japanese highlands introducing culture and history.