Hughson Simon

I am hughson with more than 9yrs of experience in mobile and web application development using Python, Django, App Engine, PHP, HTML and JavaScript.

I worked as software consultant (vendor 2yrs) for Google Inc and successfully launched and using python/django

Below are my recent projects

My key areas of expertise include:

1) 2yrs working experience as python developer in Google.

2) Designing, Developing and Maintaining Web Based Applications includes Content Management Systems, E-commerce, Affiliate Network and Community Portals, Advertisement, Online Payment Gateways, Traffic Monitoring systems, Send Message Systems with Gateways and Emails, Open Source Packages like django, pylucid, plone, scrapy, html2pdf.

3) Provide detailed direction and leadership to Developers in the delivery of high quality technical solutions.

The position has a definite correlation with my practical knowledge and experience and I feel that I am well qualified to make an effective and useful contribution to the position. I reside in Hyderabad, India.