Hugh Wragg


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20, with a keen interest in all things sport. I have aspirations of a career in journalism, specifically sports journalism.

Currently a second-year student and blogger: 'OTT' compiles an array of literature: articles, reports and 'column' pieces, acting as a portfolio to present to potential employers.

I also enjoy writing regularly for Owls Alive and relish reaching out to many new readers through articles published there. I recently had my first piece published on Football's Fallen - a new record of footballer fatalities.

I am always looking for new connections in radio, the press and blogging; please do not hesitate to get in touch. I relish writing for other sites and I'm always looking for new opportunities!

Aside from blogging I run a music show on Forge Radio and have recently become involved with their excellent sports reportage. I enjoy taking part in Sports Desk, Forge's flagship topical sports show.