Hugo Céspedes A.

Entrepreneu, Mentor, Advisor, Professor in Chile

Hugo is Innovator, Entrepreneur, Business Consultant, MBA (Swiss Management Center University, Switzerland), Magister en Administración de Empresas (Universidad Finis Terrae, Santiago, Chile), Ingeniero Comercial (Bachelors of Art in Economics, Universidad Finis Terrae, Santiago, Chile), Academic Professor (Business Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurshp, Business Intelligence, Marketing of Services, Introduction to Marketing, Sales Management -Physical and Digital Channel- Promotion and Services).

As an entrepreneur, parallel to his undergraduate studies at the University, Co-Founded "Redes e Informatica Limitada´s Company". Later he was dedicated to the economic-financial-business advisory, ending in what is now his passion: Innovation-Entrepreneurship-Technologys-Business area. Founded HCGlobal Group, and .. Tech Startup dedicated to solve problems and meet needs end-user of technological personal computer devices and Internet technology, improving their user experience by using technology assistant Voice Recognition and emerging technologies, among others.

With his experience like Academic Professor and Advisor on Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Technologies has led him to write a series of electronics articles (more than 35, in Spanish and other in English for his Startup Team Mentoring):


* Growth Hacking, Start-up and Entrepreneurship * Big Data and the Global Innovation in Services, today and in the future; * Introduction to Lean Startup; * Blue Ocean Strategy: Value Innovation Strategy for entrepreneurs who wants to "Innovate and Grow creating New Markets"; * Smart Cities: Urban, Economic, Social, Technological Innovation to the Future is Now; * Business Models: The Art of Creativity and Design for Innovation and Entrepreneurship; * Service Design and the New Global Economy; *Social Innovation: Does it emerge only from Social Entrepreneurship?; * Open Innovation: Are we prepared?; * Capital Raising with Venture Capitals for Entrepreneurship; *Innovation and Crowdsourcing; * Crowdfunding for Entrepreneurship; * Cloud Computing; *Design Thinking; * Creativity and how to Break Paradigms; among many others (in Spanish).

In addition, Hugo has always been a lover of sport, nature and Technology, Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship, Startup, Innovation, Global Business.

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