Hugo Carvalho

Rio de Janeiro

Hugo is a M.Sc in Electronic Engineering and focus his carreer into developing innovative solutions to customers and clients @ Makinn Solutions.

He has a strong technical background and special creativity to invent and innovate. This is demonstrated by over 5-year experience on research and development at GTA/COPPE/UFRJ and 13 scientific publications (3 international journal papers, 8 international conference papers and 2 national conference papers).

Hugo loves to practice sports like running, biking, and boxing and believes that body health and care is a necessary step towards the development of a healthy mind and life.

  • Work
    • Co-owner and Developer @ Makinn Solutions
  • Education
    • M.Sc in Elec. Eng @ COPPE
    • B.Sc in Computer Eng. @UFRJ