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Though there are several conflicts still going on about whether the EOBR solutions benefit truckers or not, experienced businessmen and truckers do acknowledge that it is a trucker's best friend. Let us explore 10 reasons behind such a view: The electronic driver logs certainly save the driver's time to the nearest minutes, unlike the paper loggings, and increase the dollars earned by the drivers.

• The EOBR has reduced the inspection times on the roadside to a great extent, which in turn saves the trucker's time on road. There are no violations either due to the accuracy of the electronic loggings.

• Not all truckers are fond of paper works and hence the traditional paper log was a huge headache for truckers. EOBR has solved this issue, as the drivers have to just log in and allow it to roll.

• Since EOBR has automated fuel tax reporting as well as DVIRs, all loggings are accurate, avoiding legal complications.

• The goods and drivers are totally safe, as there are audio alerts that warn the drivers to pull over after certain driving hours. Drivers are thus prevented from fatigue, which offers total safety for them.

• EOBR not only saves time and money, but also serves the best of its purpose in times of accidents. Since there is a complete capture of the event before and after an accident, it helps to save drivers from lawsuits, in case of him not being at fault. This device also prevents the drivers from being accused of stolen goods.

• The electronic logging has aided businessmen to keep their customers informed about the status of their goods dispatch by tracking real time data.

• During times of unexpected breakdowns or accidents in a remote place, dispatchers can reach out for roadside service to help drivers.

• This electronic system enables dispatchers to analyze the number of hours due for the dispatch vs. the truck status, and make other plans for a safe loading of the goods to other trucks in case there's a delay.

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