Hugo Macedo

Marketing, Product, and Innovation in Lisbon

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I'm passionate about People, the New and the Change in between – these means Marketing, Innovation, and Transformation.

I discover and develop market opportunities using my experience and knowledge of marketing, digital business, product development, strategy, and leveraging on my leadership and team management skills. I have delivered results in new product launches, new ventures, and organization development.

I'm attracted to "the road less traveled", questioning the status quo, and exploring new opportunities that come from a different point of view.

I'm a builder and enabler of teams because no opportunity worth pursuing can be achieved alone.
Leadership is about owning a direction and empowering people.

After 20 years of accumulated wisdom across different markets, types of organizations, and functions, I'm able to connect the dots and the people between different areas to deliver new and sustainable value.

I publish a weekly newsletter - "Slightly Maverick" - where I think in public about all these topics -