Hugo Messer

As Global IT Staffing Expert, I help IT companies and organisations with an IT department to achieve growth and profitability.

Many people wonder what Global sourcing or outsourcing can do for their organisation. They want to save on IT costs and are looking for IT staff. There are many stories about companies that move (IT) work to India or Eastern Europe. But how do you do this?

How do you make outsourcing work? How do you find the right supplier? Does India fit better or Eastern Europe and why?

Global sourcing is a complex arena and not something you do overnight. Many entrepreneurs, directors, CIO's and COO's have difficulties taking the right steps and have different reasons for that:

- They don't know where to start and which steps to take (how do I develop an effective strategy? How do I setup my processes? How do I find the right supplier? What are the pitfalls, what should I pay attention to?)

- It looks like something which other people do but not them or something only multinationals do, but somewhere in their mind they wonder if it is the right thing to move part of their work overseas. To help such people, I started my company - Bridge Outsourcing