Hey, my name is Hugo, I'm 14, I live in a beautiful city in the south west coast of France. I've a sister called Aïnoa, she's 17, and an halfbrother, Jeremy, he's 35.

I live with my mother and my stepfather, but I go also in my father's house twice a week!

Now, let's speak about me!

I'm tall, and slim, it's not verry cute isn't it? But I don't mind. I've short straigh black hair, brown eyes , a lot of little beauty spot, dimples, and to finish I'm not built at all, except the legs!

So, after that, I am a sport freak, I love doing athletics and particulary the hight jump. I enjoy bodyboarding, in any season, with any weather!

I am keen on listening to music: Rock, Electro, dubstep...

I also love traveling around the world: Roma, Venice, Amsterdam, London, Lisbonna and and New-York soon!

I think I am a little bit geek, I love using my techy stuff!

What Am I like?

I think i'm honest and kind, only if you are a minimum nice with me! I like helping people, I am outgoing: i love talking to people!

However I'm a little bit lazy and very very impatient !!

Thanks to my bro' who took somes photos in the background and goodbye! :)