Student in Montpellier, France

Ex-high level player on table tennis I am fully passionate of sport and more particularly football, tennis, and of course table tennis !

If I have to describe myself I have to insist in the fact that be happy is the main goal of my life and I am looking for a job which will contribute to make me happy.

I am really attracted by working for a sport company, represent and promote the company with which I will share values and same vision of work life.

I have a good commercial experience thanks to my role played in the development of an ATP 250 tennis tournament (Open Sud de France).

I know what means words as "surpassing oneself", "perseverance" or again "give everything" thanks to the sport and I would like to use it in order to contribute to the success of your company.

I am looking for a specific contract, in which I have to follow courses at school one week per month in order to get a Master Degree.

So if my profil seems to match with your expectations do not hesitate to contact me.