Hugo Van Zyl

CA(SA) TEP MTP(SA) in Cape Town, South Africa

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I qualified as a South African Chartered Accountant, whereafter I went on to complete a Masters in Tax.

I completed my Masters in Tax as the country changed from the Apartheid era into the new democratic South Africa.

At this stage Chirs Hani was murdered, the yet to be democracy was mistrusted by all and I was forced to assist many emigrants as well as returning expats (and previous political exiles).

At this stage, my then business partner in the audit practise left for the US. Suddenly exchange control (Excon) became a hot topic as I had a huge creditor living abroad. It was tough times, yet the forced upon me Excon exposure allowed me to become quite an Excon expert. The go-to person for South Africans wishing to transfer not only their families and their wealth, legally from South Africa.

In 2000-2002 I traveled the country, training South Africans on the newly introduced capital gains tax, which followed closely on the then newly introduced residency tax regime (tax South African tax residents on their worldwide income).

In 2003-2006 I was extensively involved in the tax and exchange control amnesty.

At this time, I also had the opportunity to lecture tax and Exchange Control to Saffas (expat South Africans) in London at the Ukkasie festivals.

Soon I was to be known as WEGkaner, a play on words. In English AWAY Afrikaner fused into to "awaykaner". Living in South Africa and taking care of South Africans abroad, I soon become known as the WEGKANER or AWAYkaner's best friend.

The tax practice do cover all South African taxes, cross-border tax and Excon, double tax agreements (DTA's) and other treaties such CRS (common reporting standards).

Estate Planning, formal and informal migration as well as tax disputes, remains to be a favourite of the tax practise.

As of 2015, I am part of or Breytenbachs Advisory.

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