Hugo Vieira

Professor and IT in João Pessoa, PB, Brazil

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I'm Professor Hugo Souza. I am a Master (MS.c.) in Computer Science by the Postgraduate Program of the Computing Center (CIn) of the Federal University of Pernambuco, and Bachelor (BS.c.) in Computer Science by the University Center of João Pessoa ( Unipê). I work with a focus on the area of ​​Learn Analitycs, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Recommendation Systems, Ontologies, User eXperience, Design and Cognitive Computing. I am also Professor of Undergraduate Degree in Computer Science Bachelor of UBTech-TI and Professor of MBA Post-Graduate Programs in Business Intelligence with Big Data and Specialization in Engineering and Software Quality of the University Center of João Pessoa (Unipê ). I am an associate member of the Brazilian Society of Computation (SBC) for the Technology Research Committee applied to Education, having already published articles in national and international events in periodicals and conferences. I have experience as a professional in the market for 12 years, holding positions of Project Management and Systems Analysis, having an experience as a teacher for 9 years and researcher for 8 years.

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