La Tisha Parkinson

Student, Writer, and Volunteer in Trinidad and Tobago

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"When I'm not doing that I'm busy being awesome and doing things like a boss. :P I'm being totally serious.

Teen, hopeless romantic, obsessive reader, impulsive shopper, music lover for life, animal activist, lover not a hater/fighter(same thing). I'm all arts and all action and do things like a boss every minute of my life."

That was my bio when I first made this account, I've grown quite a lot since then. I am an aspiring marine biologist, currently pursuing a bachelors degree in biology and environmental natural resource management. I am young, driven, relatively fearless, and carefree. I approach life with a nonchalant attitude, stirred but not easily shaken. My life consists of me helping others in any way that I can, helping myself to become better than who I once was, and developing a better relationship with Jesus so that I may soon see His face and feel His warm embrace.

  • Education
    • Biology
    • Caribbean Studies, Communication Studies, Comp Sci, Envi Sci -A levels