Lydia Huisman

The Netherlands

My big adventure in the "eventworld" begins now.. Next year I am going to graduate and it feels like I am going to "the big world". It feels great, but at the same time really exciting!

I am still learning and developing, which means that I am aware of the newest trends in the "eventworld". I can make sure you are one of the first companies who uses these trends.

A year ago I joined the activitie committee at the korfballclub. With my team I organize activities like prom and dart tournament. I received a lot of compliments, because the events were visited more than usual. I used my quality leadership, I gave my team more structure. This contributed to the succesfull events.

More qualities are..

Optimistic: I see always the best things in situations or people.

Flexibility: This quality connects with my quality optimistic because if there goes something wrong, I see the postive side and I can immediately change the plans.

Independent: If you give me an exercise, I won't need a lot of help.

The things I like about events are..

How are you going to excite the consumers to come to your event?

The feeling you get when everything is going great.

Or the feeling you get when something goes wrong, but there is an solution in time.

The good responses afterwards.

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