35 Locations, More than 750 Employees in the United States

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Based in Denton, Texas, Hulcher Services is a nationwide service provider to general industry, railroads, and government. From its more than 35 divisions in strategic locations throughout the United States and Mexico, Hulcher Services can send responders and equipment for emergency service restoration around-the-clock. Established in 1963, the company has a deep commitment to getting the job done safely and quickly for its business clients.

Hulcher Services grew out of a chance coffee-shop conversation between Glenn Hulcher and a railroad official about the challenges faced by railroads after train derailments. Two months later, Mr. Hulcher had the opportunity to use equipment from his father’s pipe-laying business to service a derailment in Illinois.

After this initial experience, the company became a go-to resource for more and more derailments. Overtime, the company diversified its focus to include mechanical and engineering services, disaster response, environmental services, and others. Today, the firm has more than 750 employees and many industry innovations to its credit, including a patent-pending device for enhanced ballast leveling.