Hulisani Mabote

Student, Project Manager, and Student Assistant in Johannesburg, South Africa

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“Those that know, do. Those that understand, teach” Aristotle.

I believe that the teaching profession is one that is complex, one requiring great care and as such i see myself as a transformation agent.

My name is Hulisani Mabote, I am a final year student at the University of Johannesburg studying towards a Bachelors of Education degree, specializing in Economics and School ICT guidance and support. I currently reside in Johannesburg but I am proudly Limpopian as South Africans would say.

Being a novice teacher I have come to realize that the path I have chosen has chosen me more than I have chosen it. I believe in inspiring more than I do in bombarding learners with too much knowledge and no goal at all. This not only makes their process of learning easier but it allows them space to get to learn more than what I would be able to teach them. As a novice teacher, I find it important for one to show compassion towards people and understand their standing in certain situations, this works in ensuring that your space as a teacher is one of the safest places one would want to go to if they are to experience any speed-humps in life. That is what being a teacher means to me.

Throughout my varsity years, I have come across a number of people I intend to hold life-long relationships with, as they are people who inspire me, people who build me, people who intend to see even more greatness coming from me and this is one of the reasons I always look to inspire as it is more encouraging and builds me as a person. There is one theory I live by to date and it is the theory of Vygotsky, where it outlines that as a learner one does not only learn within the four walls of a classroom, but through the means of conversation, instructions all taught by the society. I have lived by that and it has indeed opened my eyes even more.

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