Alexia Hulscher

Student, Boxer, and Designer in Rotterdam, Nederland

My name is Alexia Hulscher. I am a person who works really hard to reach my goals. During my job experience as a volunteer and as a Baker at Albert Heijn, I have developed some skills that are useful for my future career. I am a great team player and very communicative. As a result of my hard work, my boss signed me a fixed treaty, mainly because I have some essential qualities for the job, such as being social, working hard and my eagerness to learn more.

Besides, my current study programme International Business and Languages has challenged me to constantly improve my qualities. During this study we regularly were assigned with projects and other group assignments, in which I have shown my hard work as a team member and my creativity in designing lay-outs for documents. An example of a project I successfully finished was about giving the company Lindt the advise to either expand to Italy or Latvia. My work as a team player and as the designer of the document received a lot of compliments and therefore shows how much effort I put in delivering a document or presentation.

Furthermore, I am very interested in other cultures and in exploring the world. During my studies I have gained some international contacts, in which I have shown my cultural interest and learned some new things, such as differences in gestures and manners. Besides, travelling is one of my hobbies. I have been to most countries in Western-Europe and in Greece.

Lastly, the fact that I am boxing for nine years now, at least three times a week shows my interest in health and represents my dedication.

For further information, please contact me.

  • Education
    • Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences