HULT Private Capital

HNW Investor in City of London, London, UK

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1 Cornhill

London, City of London,EC3V 3ND


+44 20 8123 5164

At HULT we like to keep the investment process straight-forward and clear. It is important that you feel comfortable with us the entire process, confident beginning to end. Investing with us allows you to feel secure and at ease, as we simultaneously grow your capital in our tax-efficient investment funds.

With 180 years of accumulated experience on our side, we know how to make investments work… but we do not rest there. To keep ahead of our competition we are consistently looking for new ways to bring value to your portfolio. Our motto at HULT is safety first which is why those who have experienced little when investing, turn to HULT taking advantage of our secure investments to regain growth and make up for the lost time.

Our Client One Fund performs from 8.5% upwards, free from capital gains tax. This means investors do not have to pay additional tax on their returns.