human3D Studio

Products and Services Production of commercials and advertisement: We specialized in the development and production of high-impact commercials for TV and other media with memorable animated characters.

Creativity: We offer more than just production services, we team up with our customers to ensure that, from creative idea (script, character design, storytelling) to execution (animation and direction), everything is aligned with our customer's message, strategy, and goals.

Value: human 3D studio offers top-quality creativity, character design, animation at competitive prices.

Reliability: We know that all the above is useless if your project is not delivered on time and on budget. We literally don't sleep in order to meet our customers deadlines without compromising quality or creativity.

3D Animation Production. Let our team create an immersing experience of animation to help sell your product. We can create anything from a full-animated version of your product in an unique creative environment, to a fully animated backdrop that can discuss the product in front of.

3D Character Production. We have produced 3D character animation for any kind of project, TV commercial production, corporate film production, cinema commercials and videos. Our team design, model, rig and animate 3D character, object or environment to suit TV, presentation or web delivery.