Humana People to People

Murgwi Estate, Zimbabwe

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Thirty two Development organizations around the world has joined forces in a movement called Humana People to People, to maximize the impact of the projects of the member organizations.

The projects are characterized by solidary humanism, where we stand shoulder to shoulder with the poor and down trodden.

Humana People to People started in the late 1970's where we supported the struggle for freedom for the countries in Southern Arica and against apartheid. After these countries won their freedom and apartheid was abolished, we continued our effort to develop the life of the people.

Humana People to People are working with many donors, mostly in the rich nations of the world and some local donors.

Our members in Europe and America are raising funds for the projects with various activities.

One of these activities is collection and recycling of clothes. This not only raises funds for the projects, but is also helping to improve the environment, preventing CO2 emission and reduce the waste put into the landfills.

Some of the clothes is sold in second hand shops, while others are sent to Africa.

We are running projects ranging from Teacher Training, schools, agricultural development, the fight against HIV/AIDS and prevention, environmental protection and general economic development.

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