Evan Riley

I'm a tech guru and a rennaissance man. I enjoy geeking out on everything. I'm really into learning. Not necessarily the mechanics, but the pack rat collecting of it. Trivial knowledge is particularly tasty. This lets me talk to most everybody about anything. Although I really just don't get most sports. I'm an amateur musician, artist, computer programmer, designer, foodie and commonplace philosopher. I'm known for often including the words ‘rape’ and ‘dead babies’ in the same sentence, and I often have a sarcastic quip at the ready. Although I truly shine as a ‘straight man’, playing deadpan to others for comical effect.

I'm very open-minded and probably considered liberal, politically speaking, which I never do. I try to be the bon-vivant, and usually suceed to at least a mild degree. I'm passionate, however, and will get excitable when discussing things I like, which unfortunately is everything. This means I talk way too much, i type way too much, and I am a (usually unrepentent) interrupter. I'm not rude, however. Remind me that I'm interrupting and I'll get downright apologetic, which I almost never am.