Human is a creative crusader who grows with purpose and strives to be a disruptive innovator and agent of change. His NYC-based “make tank”, Human Developments is focused on harnessing and visually cultivating a collective of creatives at the crossroads of photography and graphic design solution. Human brings deep experience in brand strategy and creative thinking. He is accountable for the modern re-imagining of brand and identity platforms that meet the strategic needs and visions of young social entrepreneurs and clients who dream awake.

A central thrust of his work has been on how to harness the power of the diverse arts for collaborative discovery, innovation and change. Human also spends much of his time advancing a nationwide dialogue on how to help single fathers persist, recover and thrive amid the disruption the present court system offers. Over the past five years, he has been the Founding Photografather of DADisaVERB, a pro-social Dadvertising initiative celebrating fatherhood and raising awareness of the importance of a father’s presence in the family architecture. Bringing together creativity and the challenges fathers face, this unprecedented social agenda utilizes his artistic sensibilities to touch, move, and inspire dads to be extraordinary.

Human also serves on advisory boards for many startups ranging from boutique catering to gratitude clinics to urban youth culture magazines. In his spare cycles, he is the Creative Director of Bridging Education & Art Together (B.E.A.T.), a non-profit transforming the lives of youth in under-served areas through engaging and culturally relevant beatboxing, breakdancing, and music production programs.